Established with the ultimate goal of becoming a leading specialist turn-key manufacturer of   exceptional man and woman underwear, Intimate Fashion's humble beginnings goes back a decade     when it was founded in 1992.  Initially equipped with only 200 sewing machines and a staff of 250      in its first year, Intimate Fashion experienced considerable success and underwent an expansion       within its second year of operation, that increased its sewing machines to a total of 300.  At that        time, Intimate Fashion was mainly exporting to European clients.  This, though, was soon to       change.
Further expansion took place, and this time advanced technology was introduced to Intimate Fashion's Research and Development department.  The substantial investments involved in the purchase of such  computer software paid off when Intimate Fashion's products were finally accepted by the Japanese market.   Intimate Fashion did not just stop there, instead it went from strength to strength, gaining much popularity     among the Japanese consumers.  The achievement of its successful Japanese venture prompted an addition       of 200 sewing machines and over 250 employees in 1995, resulting in a turnover of more than 8 million US         dollars.
         A significant increase in clients prompted Intimate Fashion to move its entire operations to new           premises that would be able to accommodate Intimate Fashion’s imminent growth of client orders            and company.  Accordingly, Intimate Fashion established its first owned factory in 1997 to support            the increasing requirements of its clients, including the breakthrough of 2 new markets, that of           America and Canada.  A second factory was opened 2 year ago, reinforcing Intimate  Fashion has an underwear manufacturing powerhouse capable of producing any sort of underwear to  any amount required by its existing and potential clients.  As of last year, 2004, Intimate Fashion’s  operations included 2,100 dedicated employees, 1,000 sewing machines and an extension array of   advanced hi-tech equipment and machinery; resulting in an annual turn over of approximately USD $25 million and reaching a production peak of 12 million pieces of underwear.
        Intimate Fashion warmly invites all to give further consideration of our company and the extensive production    solutions and services we provide, and determine Intimate Fashion can give your business that vital edge of advantage in the underwear international market for success.

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